Brands I’ve Worked With



I worked with Mayday on The Atavist web presence. The Atavist is a publishing platform for e-books, featured in The New York Times (who also runs WordPress!) and receivers of seed money from Google co-founder Eric […]


Annenberg Learner

The Problem: Annenberg Learner, an organization dedicated to advancing teaching in public schools, had a WordPress theme for their blog that didn’t effectively support their needs as an organization. The company blog,, needed to […]


Plymouth Energy

Plymouth retains my WordPress development services as an on-going basis.

About Me

I’m Drew, a freelance WordPress developer & Expert originally from Baltimore, but never in one place for too long. ;)

I work with everyone from Agencies to Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs in bringing their ideas to life and helping expand their presence on the web.

Current location: Monterey, CA

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WordPress Ecommerce

In less than two months from this post (on May 27, 2014, to be exact), WordPress will celebrate its 11th anniversary. The blogging software that was originally launched in 2003 has grown tremendously in the […]

WordPress Theme Modification: Choosing a Theme

Choosing a Theme This is the hardest part of doing theme modification vs custom design and development. Largely because what strikes us as visually appealing is very subjective. What I think is a great looking […]

WordPress Theme Modifications: Why and When

This is the first in a series of posts about using pre-made themes for a WordPress theme modification project. Why Theme Modification? Occasionally I get clients who want to use an off the shelf or […]