HTTP Error When Uploading in WordPress

Out of the blue I started getting an HTTP error when uploading in WordPress, even in the html uploader I get a time out error. I searched and searched, checked permissions on folders, tried an htaccess trick.. nothing.

So I turned to plugins. Obviously something is triggering this and it’s not my server or WordPress.

Running and getting an HTTP error? Sure nuff.

Whenever you upload an image connects to Yahoo! servers to compress the images. If the server is experiencing downtime, it wont work and throws an HTTP error during upload. isn’t exactly a big priority to Yahoo! so you should expect to continue seeing these problems.

The work-around is either turn off and run it manually as needed, or use something like CW Image Optimizer.

The developer of the WP plugin, Alex Dunae has addressed and knows about this issue.

Some further reading if you’re interested:

WP HTTP Error on Image Upload

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