PsDefaults: Kickstarter Project

Definitely backing this! I opted for the 45.00 level to get the deluxe package.

Snippet from the KS Project:

Photoshop’s default graphics are old and tired.
Ours are awesome.

PsDefaults is a complete set of modern, handcrafted replacement graphics that will give your copy of Photoshop a much needed kick in the pants. Useful brushes, gorgeous patterns, modern shapes, artistic photo-actions, and more. In less than five minutes you can transform your copy of Photoshop (and the work that comes from it) into something way above average.

Our set of default graphics already includes hundreds of awesome design elements, and with a little help from our awesome kickstarter backers we’re hoping to launch the final product with over a thousand items. All of which are being lovingly crafted by a handful of designers in the U.S. or U.K.

Some links:
PsDefaults KS Project
PsDefaults Newsletter/Preview

Pro tip: If you sign-up for the newsletter and preview, confirm your subscription and you get a “mini kit.”


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